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SplatterberryClock; March 23, 1993 to October 27, 2009 Rest in Peace.

2009-10-28 16:11:09 by JackDaniels-Clock

As some of you know, our beloved friend, and former clock Splatterberry, or "Splatter" has passed away due to his long battle with Leukemia. Although he tried to keep it quiet, he was very inactive on Newgrounds throughout the years up until recently. He'd been diagnosed almost 2 years ago, and was told he wouldn't make it past 3 months. Surprisingly, Tristan "Splatter" Rutherford made it this long, and battled it long and hard.

It's a damn shame he had to go, one would think he's one of the more talented people on Newgrounds. As an IRL friend of Tristan, I know how much he suffered and it's really sad to know that someone with such talent, intelligence, and all around niceness could suffer such a cruel fate.

I was with Tristan two days before he passed, and I know how much it hurt him to live, but he continued on like nothing happened.

Tristan was a fighter, and I know the Newgrounds audience will surely miss him, as will I and his family. I encourage you all to make tributes to Tristan, and I will be sure his family sees them.

Rest in peace, old buddy.
Tristan "Splatter" Rutherford
March 23rd, 1993 - October 28th, 2009

You will be missed.


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2009-10-28 16:22:13

See you on the other side Tristan.


2009-10-28 16:24:28

Splatter, dead?! But, he was awesome!

JackDaniels-Clock responds:

i know!!


2009-10-28 16:25:37

IS he also the same person as splattersocom?

JackDaniels-Clock responds:

yeah, he is


2009-10-28 16:50:23

R.I.P all clocks should


2009-10-28 16:51:10

my prayers go to his family. be strong.


2009-10-28 18:34:04

Why is everyone dying?!


2009-10-28 18:47:49

2009, the official shit year for everyone!

-Echonomies crash
-Michael Jackson dies
-Ben Spurgin dies
-My gran dies
-Splatter dies
-My computer crashes for the second time and wipes out my files
-Madness Day was a dissapointment

And lots more.